Hope House Cebu, Mambaling slums, Philippines

We save pre-teens in Philippine slums from recruitment to bikini bars by predatory males.

Timeline: (follow links to photos)

17th October 2011 There are now 8 children being sponsored through Touch 1000 lives at Hope House, run by David Wilkerson in the mambaling slums of Cebu, the Philippines. First three were Jamica, Ronelin and Geema, and Edreah was sponsored just over a month ago. Within the past few weeks four more have been sponsored. This is the first, Angging. This is the next, Juvy. Just this week, jointly sponsored by 3 facebook friends: Angelica. In the past few days, jointly sponsored by 3 more facebook friends: Katherine. Each one precious beyond words. We can make a difference. We can make a happy ending. And we can start now.

17th October 2011 There are further albums from Hope House on my facebook page - some chronicle a day, a weekend or an event. Have a look and you will see beautiful things happening.

3rd November 2011 Today has been a great day, in my all-time Top 20. I sent funds provided by our partners Drop4drop for TEN MORE BOREWELLS from the Touch 1000 Lives account to India, where Praveen Chakravarthy operating as Grace Drillers India will get the job done. Then, on top of that, I found a big, surprise donation for Hope House Cebu, the Philippines, in our account. So I sent that to David Wilkerson who is using some of it tomorrow to GIVE OUT 1000lbs OF RICE in the mambaling slums where Hope House is situated.

15th November 2011 Here's a moving picture. Six of the eight girls in Cebu, the Philippines, sponsored by supporters of Touch 1000 Lives. As they make their way through the world these girls have got BACKUP! We won't let them down unless and until heaven's resources run dry... Not one of these will fall. As David Wilkerson put it - no Hope House child gets left behind. Jesus bless every one of them from here to eternity.

23rd November 2011 Touch 1000 Lives is ready to sponsor our next child in the Philippines. This is Robilyn, a precious girl just sponsored at Hope House Cebu.

4th December 2011 I do believe there will be some exciting new things happening in the coming year between Touch 1000 Lives and Hope House in the Philippines, for the good of the children and families who are being released from the curse of poverty.

5th December 2011 ‎Two more children sponsored through Touch1000Lives at Hope House Cebu, Mariel and Joshua. Thanks to friends who care.

14th December 2011 PIG ROAST at HOPE HOUSE on CHRISTMAS DAY. Please take a few seconds to Text LIVE07£1 to 70070 to donate £1 towards a memorable event in the Mambaling slums for around 100 families. Thank you!

18th December 2011 Just had my first Retweet by a celebrity who kindly spread the word about Touch 1000 Lives :) 

18th December 2011 People have a little more time at Christmas... why not spend some of it spreading the word about the people Touch 1000 Lives is helping in India and the Philippines. Next time you're on facebook, you can go to my page and suggest any of your friends to me, if you think they would like their day brightened by seeing beautiful pictures like this...

19th December 2011 ‎...and another kind celebrity retweet. Holby City and Eastenders leading the charge... Means a lot when people care. Sharing the love ♥

21st December 2011 Shopping for shoes. I don't know this girl's name and I don't know who sponsors her but I know this is another example of Hope House children receiving what they need.

24th December 2011 We fed 150 something children and people this late afternoon/evening. We served a whole cooked pig that we chopped up into pancit and also spaghetti. We served chilled fruit macaroni salad, sliced bread and iced tea and of course rice... (DW)

25th December 2011 ‎'Twas the night before Christmas, or possibly two, that Mary Faith became our first transatlantic sponsored child, sponsors in the US and Touch 1000 Lives in the UK partnering to give her a hope and a future.

7th January 2012 This is the collection of photos I've used recently - I usually put a photo to accompany a tweet about Hope House - on twitter. What a powerful collection of images!