Children in urban slums: Jengu and Chenchu tribes

New projects are under way and planned to help the Jengu tribe in Hyderabad/Nalgonda and the Chenchu tribe in Kakinada, both confined to urban slums

A splinter group from the Chenchu tribe live their life on a concrete patch about the size of a petrol station forecourt. They have no right to stay there and as squatters live with the constant risk of being evicted. As well as having no proper home, they have no established way of earning a living. Inevitably, income comes from selling their children. They asked us to provide two or three load carrying rickshaws as a first step to self-sufficiency. Stop press: 12th June 2011. Touch 1000 Lives partners with Mercy29 to give 5 load bearing (cargo) rickshaws to this group. Rickshaws delivered 7th July.

The Jengu tribe exist in a full scale urban slum. They desperately need a proper water supply and sanitation, and then one or more income generation projects. Some eke out a living recycling coconut that has been offered to idols, extracting the coconut oil. Soap making and candle making are candidate projects.

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