Projects we're involved with

Touch 1000 Lives currently has projects in India and the Philippines. Together with our partner organisation, Touch 1000 Lives in India, we provide sewing machines and run tailoring programmes training women from the Soya tribe with the aim of helping families to self-sufficiency. We provide cargo rickshaws to the Chenchu tribe so that they can earn a living transporting goods around town and avoid selling children. We partner with drop4drop in providing safe drinking water by drilling borewells in remote villages: 50 wells have been completed since we started in December 2010.

We are scaling up our support for David Wilkerson at Hope House Cebu, embedded in the Mambaling slums in the Philippines. Hope House supports over 100 children and their families. We have a rapidly expanding child sponsorship program which takes vulnerable children off the streets in this harsh unforgiving place and gives them instead a hope and a future.

Helping the Soya Tribe in India

This is a tribe of about 1000 families. Tribal people are outside the caste system, or rather beneath it. They are Untouchable. The Soya tribe live so close to the brink that from time to time when they run out of food they sell their children.

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Helping children in urban slums

We provided members of the Chenchu tribe with cargo rickshaws as a way of earning a living. Previously, their main source of income was selling their children. In the Philippines (pictured), we sponsor children through Hope House Cebu in the Mambaling slums, meeting their needs and giving them a hope and a future.

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