About Us

Dil Marple-Horvat is the founder of Touch 1000 Lives. I firmly believe that we can each affect 1000 lives for the better; it's only 20 a year for 50 years of adult life. Two years ago at an anti human trafficking event called ‘The Stand’ I began to feel a deep concern for the poorest of the poor in India – the Dalits or ‘Untouchables’. This has grown into a commitment to prevent the sale of children into slavery by lifting the burden of poverty. We do this through economic development, giving families a way to earn a living, and infrastructure projects to provide the necessities for village life – beginning with 4 tribes in Andhra Pradesh. 

In partnership with Hope House in the Mambaling slums in the Philippines we give children who live and sleep on the streets a hope and a future. We save pre-teens from recruitment to bikini bars and prostitution by predatory males - bar owners and pimps.

David Wilkerson runs Hope House, Cebu. I just got fed up one day and got on a plane and came here. The poverty in the Philippines and the condition of the children had been on my mind for some time. I think people feel powerless to help, or that the problem is too big so why try. At Hope House we are providing support and education, along with food relief, shelter, and a number of other things. We are not a large corporate structure. We are set up so that a much larger part of your donation goes directly where it is needed. We update our sponsors often. It is our goal to establish long term relationships as a part of providing a way of escape for these children who are trapped in extreme poverty, and who will be exploited to varying degrees, up to and including prostitution.

My background is in call centres. I have worked at a number of jobs in my life. All of those jobs gave me skills that I use now to help the kids here. I invite you to investigate us. The more you learn about Hope House Cebu, the more excited you will become.